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Telegram says cyber attack on its messaging platform is linked to China

Telegram says cyber attack on its messaging platform is linked to China

The founder of the messaging platform, Telegram has linked a massive cyber attack on its messaging service to China. Telegram confirmed that on Saturday, it suffered a Distributed Denial of Service attack which lasted for at least one hour and disrupted their network.

Telegram’s networks were overwhelmed with bogus traffic which is characteristics of a Distributed Denial of Service attack thereby preventing Telegram’s legitimate users from accessing the messaging service. The attack was noticed to have started after protesters in Hong-Kong planned and coordinated their protests using the Telegram messaging service. The protesters objective was to raise voice against a new plan to allow citizens to be extradited to China.

Telegram said in a tweet that users in the Americas and other countries were affected. Telegram allows users of its platform to create groups that spans up to 200,000 people and also to create channels to broadcast to an unlimited number of people. Users are also capable of sending encrypted messages, documents, pictures and videos free of charge.

With a promise to encrypt its users’ chats and messages, Telegram has garnered up to 200 million users. Encrypted messages have the potential to prevent a wide range of methods used by third parties or hackers to read people’s confidential information.

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On Wednesday, police encountered numerous protesters who voice their concern over a new plan by the Hong-Kong authorities to extradite suspects to mainland China. Several people were wounded during the protest which saw protesters clash with the police.

Under a “one country, two systems” principle, Hong-Kong is part of China and has the rights to keep its own judicial independence, economic and political system. Protesters are concerned that should the plan become successful, Hong-Kong would be brought closer under the control of China.

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